Celebrating Emily

EmilyFriends, family, acquaintances and those impacted by Emily’s remarkable life are invited to join us in celebrating her on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 10 a.m. at the Golfcrest Country Club in Pearland, TX.

As Emily lived life in her own unique way, know that this service will be unique to her, and we sincerely hope that all who can, will be there to celebrate with us. Though this occasion will be marked with its share of sadness, we are gathering to commemorate Emily. In as much, we ask that you do not wear black; business casual is appropriate. Additionally, as mentioned previously, in lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to Avondale House or Stand Up To Cancer.

Emily’s obituary is below. We ask that you share it as appropriate.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all who have reached out. To all who have posted pictures, stories and condolences, you have helped us to continue to find thankfulness in our sorrow. And to those who just haven’t or can’t find the right words, we fully understand that, too. To all, thank you.


Emily Nancy (Hawkins) Newcomb

Emily Nancy (Hawkins) Newcomb died on February 11, 2016 in Houston, TX at the age of 31. She leaves behind her husband, Bret Newcomb; and her beloved cats, Jo and Tux.

Born on December 30, 1984 in Webster, TX, Emily is survived by her father John “Da” Hawkins and mother Tish Hawkins of Alvin, TX; her brothers Josh Hawkins of Houston, TX and Aaron Hawkins of St. Marys, Georgia; as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, nephews and nieces and a multitude of friends.

Emily grew up in Alvin, TX where she excelled at, well, everything. That trend continued through college and into her professional career. Emily was a dedicated employee of Avondale House, a non-profit in Houston serving the needs of children and young adults with autism through education and training. Emily continued to work full-time for Avondale after her cancer diagnosis in 2012 and through all of her subsequent treatments. Her dedication to those children was without end.

Those are things an obituary is supposed to say. It falls short, however, of truly capturing the absolute treasure we have all lost. Written words cannot adequately capture her compassion. They cannot express how someone could embody empathy. There is nothing that can be written to describe a kind of bravery that only exists in fables and fairy tales. There is no language to describe a laugh so deep and honest that being in proximity of it will cause you to laugh the same way. A smile that was always sincere with the power to impact the rhythm of your own heart.

There will just never be enough words. If we have to pick one though, it is love. Emily was, is and forever will be love.

Services to celebrate and share this love will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 10 a.m. at the Golfcrest Country Club, 2509 Country Club Dr, Pearland, TX 77581.

In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to Avondale House or Stand Up To Cancer.



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Emily

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Bret. It captures the depth of your love, adoration, devoted care, and attentiveness that is uniquely you, for our dear Emily. I agree there are no adequate words to describe all there is to this beautiful lady, and the facets of her uniquely lovely life. Ironically so, about someone whose love for and craft of weaving language into beautiful writing or humorous musings, no words hit the mark. Also, to all of us, no words are found to REALLY tell you what an incredible blessing, hero, and awesome husband and soulmate you delighted to be for Em ~ we are all better by having known and loved you both. My heart breaks for you, and you remain in my prayers for peace and comfort during this hard time, my friend.
    Love & Hugs to you ~

  2. I came across your website through a mutual friend on Facebook when she commented or liked a post you made. I realized later that you’re name sounded familiar and that we were in newspaper together at UHCL (I always think of your article when I see Tim Miller in the news). I also remember your sweet Emily. I am so very saddened to hear of her passing. I became wrapped up in reading your love story and the journey you two have been on over the past several years. I’m praying for peace and God’s grace. What an amazing legacy she leaves behind in her devoted husband.

  3. Bret… you have given Emily the grace, dignity, true love, and compassion as best as could be done in words… God bless you for your courage, commitment, and the love you have shown your beautiful wife… Emily touched every soul she encountered and you know that. So have you with your words – thank you, and may the Lord continue to watch over you and bring you healing and peace.
    ❤ Rene'

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