Those who know me are aware that I come from a background of Christian faith. Those who know me well know that I have left it in my background intentionally. However, while faith and religion don’t play a significant part in my life any longer, I can still reach into that background to recognize its […]

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Some time in the midst of junior high, I noticed something amazing: girls. From that moment on, I chose to spend most of my time with them. I still had a handful of guy friends, but it was clear to me that girls were smarter, funnier and prettier, so the decision was an easy one […]

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Do The Right Thing

Upon first glance, Emily and I probably didn’t seem like a good match. Emily was beautiful, polished, considerate, intentional and patient. I am not. Emily just always seemed to do the right thing. We did share one thing, however: an appreciation for the higher-minded things in life. A real love of scholarship and the arts. […]

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Two Months

Today marks two months. In terms of significant anniversaries, it’s not. There are three groups of people who keep track of two-month anniversaries: teenagers in love, people trying to maintain sobriety and those who have lost someone they love. During the last two months, I have done my best to lean toward the positive, to […]

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On the Horn

In those final days, as Emily’s health deteriorated, she began to lose the ability to speak. She was sharp as ever, but the actual physical act of speaking had become difficult, so her words were reserved. At the same time, her need for assistance in certain tasks was increasing as she lost strength. To ensure […]

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In Praise of Alvin

Until 2007, my primary knowledge of Alvin, TX revolved around what many believe to be the town’s chief export: Nolan Ryan. This fact alone solidified the merit of Alvin in my mind. In 1993, if you had the pleasure of watching Nolan lock up Robin Ventura like a stray calf and then serve him a […]

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