In Praise of Alvin

Until 2007, my primary knowledge of Alvin, TX revolved around what many believe to be the town’s chief export: Nolan Ryan. This fact alone solidified the merit of Alvin in my mind. In 1993, if you had the pleasure of watching Nolan lock up Robin Ventura like a stray calf and then serve him a fat stack of knuckle sandwich, you knew that this guy came from a special place.

Of course, it wasn’t until more than a decade later that I learned of the greatness that was Emily Hawkins, who also hailed from Alvin, TX. After meeting her, I couldn’t help but think I could make a fortune if I bottled the water from Alvin, because surely this place is producing some of the greatest humanity in the history of the known world.

In the following years, my regard for Alvin was only further affirmed with every person I met. The cap stone of this education occurred over the last four weeks, as person after person from this small town has gone out of their way to help me through the most difficult time of my life. While many people from many places have reached out and done their fair share of lifting this impossible load, no single place has had more of a concentration of graciousness than Alvin.

Over the next several weeks, I have a multitude of “thank yous” to send out. I am hopeful that I will be able to reach everyone who has gone out of their way to help in this, and I only ask for your patience. But I can’t let any more time pass without recognizing this small town with a huge heart.

So Alvin, you’re doing something right. I’m not sure of the cause, but I have been the beneficiary of the effect many, many times. Thank you.Alvin sign


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