Do The Right Thing

10750375_669639716484029_251681517532935528_oUpon first glance, Emily and I probably didn’t seem like a good match. Emily was beautiful, polished, considerate, intentional and patient. I am not. Emily just always seemed to do the right thing.

We did share one thing, however: an appreciation for the higher-minded things in life. A real love of scholarship and the arts. So, in October of 2010, we found ourselves in the only place such captains of academia could be … in line at Cinemark for the opening weekend of Jackass 3D.

As we waited for tickets, three kids approached us. They were probably about 13 years old, shaggy-headed and clearly in the midst of that awkward period of adolescence we all have to painfully navigate (I’m hopeful I will wrap mine up soon).

I recognized the look on their faces from 30 yards away as they moved towards us. It’s the same look that I carried in front of countless convenience stores through my own teenage years. It was the desperate look of the under-aged. They sheepishly approached us and asked if we could possibly buy them tickets to the movie.

Then something happened that rarely did in our relationship: Emily and I disagreed. One of us clearly knew this was the wrong thing to do, while the other thought that sneaking into an R rated movie was a rite of passage.

As tended to be the case in the few instances when we disagreed, Emily won. It was not a big deal, though. As with any other time we disagreed, we got over it quickly.

So, we got our popcorn, found some seats and we spent the rest of the evening laughing hysterically as if there was never any disagreement at all. All five us. Me, Emily and the three boys she bought tickets for.


3 thoughts on “Do The Right Thing

  1. I know this blog night be hard for you now but, I love reading these posts. I have read every single one. I know we aren’t close and you are older (just a little) than me but I am always here if you need someone to talk to or just to listen. I love you and you are in my thoughts cousin. 😘

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