On Love and Loving On

On Love It is a regular occurrence that people make comments about the love Emily and I shared for one another. It has always been this way. People said it before cancer, they said it during cancer, and I hear it regularly now that she is gone. I often think about that love and what […]

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Some time in the midst of junior high, I noticed something amazing: girls. From that moment on, I chose to spend most of my time with them. I still had a handful of guy friends, but it was clear to me that girls were smarter, funnier and prettier, so the decision was an easy one […]

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Our Last Dance

Over the last month I have spent most of my time focused on celebrating Emily‚Äôs remarkable life. Certainly, her battle against cancer was part of that, but I have purposely set my mind on all of the other things that were incredible about Emily before this terrible disease became a part of our life. Today, […]

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