Not Bad News

dripToday Emily is starting cycle three of SOR-C13, otherwise known as “rat spit.” This is significant because after cycle two, she had a scan to monitor progress. If the disease was progressing at a pre-determined rate, then she would not be allowed to continue on and we would need to pursue other options. She started cycle three today because the disease had not progressed at that pre-determined rate.

So, it’s not exactly time to cue the band and break out balloons and streamers, but this is the closest thing to good news that we have gotten since starting this adventure two years ago. As a matter of fact, outside of surgery, this is the only treatment that has done anything and the first time we have had a scan that wasn’t immediately followed with “It’s not working.”

Instead, we got “It might be working … maybe … a little.” AND WE’LL TAKE IT!

It’s promising enough that we are going to continue on. It’s not without some downside though. It makes for a pretty intense several days as we talked about in our last post, and Emily is feeling less energetic the further we get. Her blood count has been consistently low, so she is getting a transfusion this afternoon after the rat spit. Taking someone else’s blood the week of Halloween qualifies her as an official vampire, so that’s cool.

In other good news, we recently got to take a trip to Pittsburgh with or friends Tommy and Kerri Lynn. We had a great time and it was good to get away as we haven’t in more than a year. It was a nice reprieve that will certainly help get us through the next few cycles. As always, feel free to comment with encouragement for Emily. That helps, too.

How did these guys end up with these girls?

6 thoughts on “Not Bad News

  1. I think of you two often and am so happy that you have each other. I pray for you both in this battle that you are fighting together and I am inspired by your strength and determination. I truly believe that if anyone can win this fight, you can Emily. Your army is strong.

  2. Go, Emily, go! Thinking about you today and so glad you guys had such a fun trip! (And experienced the “fall” we’re not having here…)

  3. I’m always thinking of you Emily and hoping you’re feeling okay and that everything is getting better, yall are the strongest people i know. Hope to see you soon!

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